Simple Wedding Dresses

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Simple Wedding Dresses for Simple Living

If youíre a laid back girl who would rather grill out in the back yard than dine at a fancy restaurant, who likes running around in ballet flats rather than walking in heels, who prefers a bouquet of wild flowers to a dozen long stem roses, chances are when it comes to your big day you wonít all of a sudden want a fancy affair with glamorous attire and sophisticated appetizers. Youíll still want a friendly, casual get together, home made favorites on the tables and your guests dancing comfortably in their festive yet somewhat casual clothes.

If youíre a bride-to-be who stays clear of fancy, we have a selection of stunning yet comfortable simple wedding dresses that will make your heart swoon and your eyes sparkle. Our designers made sure that among our gorgeous wedding gowns there are short choices, pencil skirts, dresses with tank necklines as well as some with halter tops, so you can feel as if you were wearing your favorite summer dress except youíll be wearing one of our amazing simple wedding dresses in organza, taffeta, satin or another fabric of your choice.

If you always thought weddings have to be very elegant and fancy and you were worried you would have to fit your personality into that convention, you can stop worrying. Itís your wedding and so it should conform to you, not the other way round. If you like simple, laid back, rustic feel, thatís the kind of wedding you should have, and youíll fell right at home during a garden reception wearing one of out lovely, simple wedding dresses, which are waiting to be discovered by you at