Wedding Dresses

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Wedding Dresses That Will Help You Shine on Your Wedding Day

You are bound to remember the moment you walk down the aisle to exchange your wedding vows. It is the special atmosphere, the presence of your best friends and family and the sense of a new opening that makes the difference. No wonder brides and grooms are so determined to make their wedding ceremony look and feel extraordinary. Fashion, from men's formal wear to wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, has to reflect this heightened spirit of the moment.

It is especially important for brides whose role it is to set the tone for the event. It is in their wedding gowns where that the leading theme of the celebration usually originates. It has influence on the choice of bridesmaid dresses, the choice of the suit for the groom and a range of decoration issues. It also has to be matched with many bridal accessories. At Dere Kiang, a House of Wu label, we take utmost effort to create wedding dresses that serve perfectly well as a centerpiece of style at your wedding day. Our designs are inspiring and our craftsmanship is matchless.

Wedding fashion is a fascinating area where tradition meets modernity. Designers need to work very hard to navigate around these conflicting expectations. At Dere Kiang we believe that if a way is found to combine these two opposing forces, the resulting products can produce incredible positive energy. This is the kind of wedding dresses and wedding gowns that we are committed to bringing to our clients. Browse our website to find the ideal wedding dress for the big day. Use the store locator to find an authorized boutique near you. Try on and enjoy our latest bridal designs.