Wedding Gowns

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Wedding Gowns at the Crossroads Between Modernity and Tradition

Bridal fashion is an exciting field at the crossroads between modernity and tradition. Nowhere else do these two opposing directions come together with such intensity and significance. Contemporary brides are after wedding dresses that are in touch with the past but not afraid to explore the future. They should be a reflection of the values that they associate with the wedding ceremony and the values they live by on a daily basis. These are not necessarily the same. At Dere Kiang, our philosophy is to make the two combine seamlessly in wedding gowns that many discerning brides feel confident and special.

Our designers excel at identifying and shaping the trends and client expectations in bridal fashion. It is our deeply held belief that by creatively combining modernity with tradition, we unleash passionate energy that defines contemporary bridal style. Wedding gowns that come to life from the clash of these two opposing forces are eye-catching and powerful. They are sure to make discerning brides feel confident and special on the day that will be remembered for years to come. They are the kind of wedding dresses that so many women have been dreaming of since they were little girls.

Dere Kiang, a House of Wu label, is defined by the passion to help modern brides feel and look special during the big day. Browse our collections of bridal fashion and discover the wedding dress that would match your vision of a perfect wedding. You can also use the store locator to see where the nearest authorized Dere Kiang retailer can be found. Pay us a visit, try out some of the wedding gowns you like and make sure your wedding reception is held in the kind of style it deserves to be.